A big day in the moo-niverse

“Allow it to be hard for you, too”. These were the wise words of one of my lovely mummy friends yesterday, at the prospect of moo’s first day with the childminder today. Actually, I don’t recall if these were her precise words, she probably put it more elegantly than that, but that was the sentiment. And it was the sentiment that hit me this morning as I packed up all his stuff for his first stay at E’s house.

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A flurry of firsts

There are a lot of firsts when you’re as little as the Moo still is. At 3 1/2 months, most weeks have at least one first in them. But even by Moo’s standards, this weekend is a biggie.

Friday morning, first swimming lesson; Friday afternoon, first flight. And Saturday, first time out of the UK.

This afternoon we took a quick ride to Heathrow, then hopped in a plane across the Irish Sea for a first for me, too – first trip to Northern Ireland (except when I’ve driven through it), and first visit to Belfast. Continue reading