GBBOTC15 #6: Where have all the flaounes gone?


Never mind the baking, these puns are getting harder to come by each week! I confess I came to this week’s baking challenge with what I hoped was a bit of an advantage. A bit of insider knowledge. A bit of an edge. Continue reading


Letter to Heidi Alexander, MP

This is rather more serious than most of the waffle I usually post on here, but as I think about the front pages of tomorrow’s papers, and thank goodness that my little boy is safely tucked up in his bed this evening, I felt I had to do SOMETHING, however ineffectual it may turn out to be.

So with that in mind, here’s my letter to my MP, the rather brilliant Heidi Alexander. She is actually making her presence felt on this matter already, but I really wanted to encourage her to continue, to hopefully show her that she has the support of at least some of her constituents.

Feel free to take whatever bits of it you like if you feel inclined to contact your MP about this matter, too. If you’re not sure who, or how, you can find out here. Continue reading