GBBOTC15 #4: Gone with the Windtorte

finished front

As I contemplate this week’s Bake Off challenge, one nagging doubt keeps plaguing me, over and over. Continue reading


Veg patch plans



As the prospect of ‘the big move’, and living somewhere new, looms, I find myself thinking about the life I want to give Moo. Not on a grand scale, universities, inheritance, any of that stuff, just the kind of day to day life of a toddler I want him to have. We’ve got a new nursery lined up for him to start at in a few months, and I’m really pleased with it, and I’ve been thinking lots about what kind of family home life we’ll have in the new place. Continue reading

GBBOTC #1: Here I go again on my own

walnut cake


Every so often something happens and it shows you exactly how things are going to go. Maybe you leave home late and step in a large pile of dog poo on your front door step. Perhaps that internet date is just as hot as his profile pic, but he’s got a handshake like a wet fish and opens by offering to show you a picture of his cat. Or maybe you check the weather forecast,see bright sunshine, and as you emerge umbrella-less from the tube in your white linen sundress the heavens open. Continue reading