GBBOTC #8 – That was the week dacquoise

four views of dacquoise, including top view, close up of sides and inside layers


It’s not often that I play the ‘new mum’ card – Oh, I can’t do that, I’m a new mum, I haven’t got time, I’m a new mum, I’m sorry I’m late, I’m a new mum… Oh, alright, I do. Quite a lot. Well, suck it up folks, cos I’m doing it again for this week’s Great British Bake Off Technical Challenge. Only this time, I think it’s probably justified.

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GBBOTC #7 – Choux-da, Coulda, Woulda


While chatting to my mother about one of my previous Great British Bake Off Technical Challenges, my mum said to me “do you think it might be an idea to make sure you’ve got all the ingredients first before you start baking?”. She wasn’t really being facetious; I AM a bit of a bodger, to be fair. I don’t have X so I’ll substitute Y, or leave it out, or – well, that’s it really. My mum often gives pretty good advice, and maybe one day I’ll listen to her, but today, as I stared down the barrel of the religieuses challenge, I realised I was, once again, woefully underprepared. Continue reading