‘In Need of Modernisation’

When I was a very new Mum, I confess I became rather fond of daytime TV.  Not that I wasn’t already – I work alone in a windowless box with a bank of screens.  ‘Homes Under the Hammer’, ‘Heir Hunters’ and ‘Helicopter Heroes’ (what’s with all the Hs?) often kept me company even before Moo.  But moreso since.  Especially when Moo was properly tiny; not interactive, he just spent most of his time either asleep or feeding – both tough times to engage with him – so I would have the TV on in the background, for company.  At one point I was actually switching on for ‘Wild At Heart’.  Dark days.

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Why, hello there!

Wow, it’s been a long time since I posted!!  Who knew having a small baby could be so time-consuming?!

I have a lot of things that I’ve made in the interim which will hopefully get their own posts soon, but for the moment I’m just gonna jump straight back in, I hope that’s OK!  I’ve been thinking a lot lately about getting back to fitness, so the blog may have a slight diet/exercise leaning for a while.  Just a heads up.  🙂