Folk on Facebook


I can never quite decide if Facebook is a blessing or a curse. I’ve had messages from people I don’t know or don’t remember, who I then feel rude ignoring or not ‘friending’; and I’m naturally a bit wary about how much info is publicly available etc – blah blah, same old same old.
Plus, I do try to keep it light – humourous-ish observations, the odd (hundred) cutest pictures of Moo, and a bit of networking from time to time – nothing too deep, too personal, too political.

I’m increasingly finding, though, that there are some people I’m in touch with who are harbouring some worryingly offensive perspectives on things, which sometimes, to be honest, I’d rather not know. And some people share just a little too much, too, and I find myself downloading details of their latest row with their husband or wife that seems to be, well, none of my business, frankly.

But then, on the other hand, I have just spent a blissful 40 minutes (at the insistence of Mr Oh) lying in a hot bath listening to my new album. (‘New’ in that it arrived in April but I haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet.) It’s a brilliant, heartfelt folk Americana album by a band called The Cedars, the lead singer of which is a friend of mine from Uni. I say friend, but really I only mean that in the Facebook sense.

Don’t get me wrong, I like her a lot, but we didn’t really keep in touch after Uni. We’ve kept in touch with mutual friends, so no doubt we’d’ve bumped into each other at a birthday party or wedding every now and again, but were it not for Facebook I probably wouldn’t be so aware of what she’s up to, and I probably wouldn’t have known about her new album. Which would have been a crying shame.

So yes, Facebook may be full of platitudes and affirmative text-on-a-picture posts, people saying how they’re against cancer (novel) or sharing how much they love their sister using someone else’s super trite sentiments (far more effective than a phone call or a quick note) but sometimes, just sometimes, it comes up trumps and throws up a little gem. Today is a good Facebook day.


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