Zoom! tank top

zoompic2My littlest nephew turned 1 last week and to celebrate I thought I’d create a little tank top for him. Inspired by a cardigan I saw recently with block colours in the front and stripes in the back panel, I really liked the idea of the front of the tank looking like a ‘zoomed in’ version of the back – hence the name. Continue reading


Tuesday Timewarps #2 – 28 Neckwarmer

The second of my “Tuesday Timewarps” series, we’re going waaaay back to 2010, and a gift for a friend…:

28 NeckwarmerI wanted to make a neckwarmer for a very good friend of mine who is not only an avid snowboarder (and therefore spends a fair amount of time each year in SERIOUSLY cold conditions) but has a brilliant sense of style and flair.

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The breast laid plans…

About 4 weeks after I discovered I was pregnant I went to visit a friend who had a new baby – about 10 weeks old. His mum had a pretty awful pregnancy with fibroids, OC, and eventually an emergency and rather complicated Caesarian at 34 weeks. She had tried her hardest to breastfeed him, but for one reason or another, and following her mentally, physically and emotionally traumatic birth, she switched to formula after two weeks. She was distraught. Logically she knew she was doing the right thing; best for her baby, and best for her and her recovery. But she felt like a failure. Like a bad mother. I tried to reassure her that she’d made the right decision, but only 8 weeks pregnant with my first I was scant consolation.

Understandably, what I took away from the situation was this: I would absolutely breastfeed if I could, but I resolved that if, for whatever reason, I wasn’t able to, I would NOT beat myself up about it. As long as my baby was fed, happy and loved, then very little else mattered.

Fast forward 8 months. Continue reading

A flurry of firsts

There are a lot of firsts when you’re as little as the Moo still is. At 3 1/2 months, most weeks have at least one first in them. But even by Moo’s standards, this weekend is a biggie.

Friday morning, first swimming lesson; Friday afternoon, first flight. And Saturday, first time out of the UK.

This afternoon we took a quick ride to Heathrow, then hopped in a plane across the Irish Sea for a first for me, too – first trip to Northern Ireland (except when I’ve driven through it), and first visit to Belfast. Continue reading